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Journey HouseJourney House began in 1983 when Tim Mayworm saw the many unmet needs of youth exiting the juvenile justice system which then sparked the idea of opening a group home for boys in the foster care and probation system. In 2008, Journey House redirected its efforts to serving youth who are over the age of 18, who have aged-out of foster care and
need additional support in navigating life beyond the foster care system and into adulthood. After transitioning from group home to supportive services, Journey House expanded its mission to help former foster youth complete their college education in addition to adding an advocacy program led by former foster youth. While there are dozens of wonderful organizations throughout Los Angeles county, Journey House is unique in that is doesn’t require clients to be under a certain age in order to receive assistance. We strive to create a family-type community where former foster youth are supported through every stage of their life.

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