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Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.15.41 PMUniversity of La Verne highlights two Journey House youth who offer insight into what it’s like being a former foster youth on a college campus, and how receiving support along the way has made all the difference. 

Pasadena Star News

Journey House’s newest endeavor, Beyond Foster Care, is highlighted as a resource for former foster youth seeking opportunities in policy and advocacy.

MTN View News 3

Beyond Foster Care is highlighted in this weeks edition of the Mountain View News. Read about the story of one youth who overcame the odds and completed her college education. 

MTN View News 2

One of youth participants in Beyond Foster Care was selected as this weeks Mountain View News local spotlight. In this article, Jessie captures what his experience was once he left the foster care system.

MTN View News 1

Beyond Foster Care, a program of Journey House, asks this weeks Mountain View News readers, “What Happens to Former Foster Youth After Age 18?”. Hear the story of one resilient youth overcoming the barriers to success in adulthood.