Adopt-a-Student is a program that connects a Journey House supporter with a college student. The adoptee supports the youth by providing Journey House with a financial contribution which goes directly towards the students expenses. These expenses include room and board, tuition, books, meal plans, and living supplies.

Youth who exit the foster care system often do so without with little to no financial support, which in turn makes it difficult to afford the basic necessities for independent living, let along the cost of a quality college education. This program exists to help link former foster youth to an adult in the community looking to make a difference, who may not be able to dedicate to traditional mentoring schedule, but is able to contribute financially to the long term success of a student.

“I have received so many blessings through my involvement in the Adopt a Student Program at Journey House. Giving my time and resources to a young person in needs is so extremely rewarding. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in the world. It’s one person at a time, at first, but down the road this difference can affect hundreds. We mentor and support a youth who is affecting their society, completing their education, and knows that I’m one more person in the corner rooting for their success”.

-Debbie,  Adoptee and Mentor

If you would like to support a youth at Journey House, or for more information, contact us: